Oh Vanity

The bathroom is sometimes a bit of a forgotten room in the house, despite the fact we use it everyday. It is something we don't necessarily like to talk about but again it is an essential part of the house. Making sure your bathroom looks great is very important, especially if you are trying to sell. One thing you can add to a bathroom's windows is outside shutters because they look very cultured and spice up an otherwise blurred out window. Any little detail you can add will really help to liven up the bathroom.

I love my bathroom. I keep it very clean and polish the porcelain once a week. I have gone for neutral seaside colours: blue, turqouise, white and a sandy yellow. The external shutters on the windows upstairs are all made by a French designer friend of mine and the bathroom is no exception. My shutters are a deep salmon colour, but the side which faces into the bathroom I have painted sky blue.

More information on external shutters

I don't consider it vain to keep my bathroom nice and clean and well furnished, in fact I am going to an Italian furniture market in a couple of weeks to get a couple more accessories. People may only spend a few minutes or maybe say up to half an hour per day in the bathroom but often it is the first room you enter in a morning and the last at night and both times it is best to be in a good mood.

There was a man I used to know who was hard on his luck and had not worked for a year after he lost his job. He was eventually given the job of looking after some public toilets at a local park. They were very plain and dirty and despite people saying he had a boring and silly job, he took a lot of pride in it. He cleaned it all out, had new porcelain fitted and painted the walls. He then had music playing and put pictures up on the walls and fitted a sofa. It always smelled and looked fresh and inviting. After six months of keeping up to the bathroom decoration he was promoted to head of culture and sanitation for the council.